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Bristy and Jacob’s Wedding at Majestic Colonial

Wednesday January 17, 2018

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The Couple

Jacob met Bristy when visiting a restaurant where she was waitressing. They dated 5 years before they got engaged. He proposed during a surprise ski trip to Montana. She didn’t see it coming, it was a Christmas present, in fact, the entire trip was. Jacob came from a small town and only wanted his closest loved ones attending and Bristy is a free spirit and wanted to get married on a beach. A destination wedding sounded like the best of both worlds while giving their guests a trip in the process.

The Planning

After initially talking about it with family and friends, they knew they would have a lot of guests attending. The couple said, “We wanted our family to have a vacation as well, most had never been on out of the country before.” Jacob knew he wanted a large resort so that everyone could have their own personal space to do as they pleased. The Majestic Colonial ended up being a perfect choice, with tons of amenities and activities to explore, from multiple restaurants and bars to multiple pools. They said there was a language barrier when planning with the wedding department, but for the most part, everything went great.

The Wedding

They held a 5pm ceremony on the beach, followed by pictures. During the pictures they made sure to get a photo with everyone who wanted one, and after they had the wedding party circle the couple in the sand for their first dance. A member of the party was even able to film it all overhead with a drone camera. They followed that with a cocktail hour in the lobby’s bar.

Afterwards, they held a semi-private dinner reception at the resort’s beautiful beachfront restaurant. Guests could choose what they wanted to do next, and many joined the wedding couple at the nightclub for late night festivities. The couple participated in many other excursions, including a private catamaran cruise the next day for some of the younger guests, along with golfing and ziplining trips.

Looking Back

Bristy and Jacob were happy the trip turned out so well for everyone, granting vacations for the first time for many of their guests. The couple recommended possibly splitting up the days even more for your family and friends, so you get more time with them separately. Jacob says to maybe even book fewer excursions, so you have more time to enjoy your chosen resort.

Maybe even stay a little longer to relax more, we didn’t get enough alone time!

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Bristy and Jacob Wedding

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