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Bridget and Kevin’s Wedding at Majestic Colonial

Thursday April 11, 2019

The Couple

Bridget and Kevin met after she had returned from Vermont. Kevin first asked Bridget’s uncle if it would be okay to ask Bridget out on a date. On a special trip to Marvin Key, Kevin persuaded Bridget to walk out along a sandbar in the ocean to a boat. On their way back he got down on one knee in the water and proposed to her with his mother’s wedding ring. When they returned to shore, friends and family were waiting to celebrate with them.

The Planning

Bridget and Kevin knew they wanted a beach wedding so he suggested an all-inclusive resort on an island. It was also the perfect excuse to get many of their friends and family to take a vacation too, which the couple really supported. The couple knew they wanted to make the experience easy for everyone, and this trip was the first time many of their friends had been able to go on a vacation in a long time. After considering many resorts Bridget connected with Andrea, of Destify. Bridget said, “I can’t say enough, she was wonderful.” The couple chose the Majestic Colonial resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Although there were some language barriers while planning, Andrea helped to relay messages with the Majestic coordinator, and working with the wedding department was a great experience overall.

The Wedding

Once on-site they made sure there was plenty of time for everyone to simply enjoy their stay, and Bridget got to catch up with a best friend she hadn’t seen in several years, who would be one of her bridesmaids. Bridget loved that every day they could just tell their friends and family to meet them at the pool. On the morning of their ceremony, they got their hair and make-up done and then everyone enjoyed a pool day. While getting prepared in the room the Majestic staff filled their outdoor jacuzzi with ice, and beer and champagne and brought food for everyone to enjoy. The couple chose to get ready in the same room, and Bridget said, “I’m his best friend, he’s my best friend so why not get ready together instead of somewhere else?” Keeping with the relaxed and fun-loving attitude of the couple, the groomsmen had beer can boutonnieres with succulents in their shirt pockets, and the women held homemade pineapple drink holders with flowers as their bouquets. Their ceremony was at 3pm on the beach and featured fun musical selections to give their guests some laughs, including the Barney theme ‘I love you’ while they signed their marriage license. Later everyone met for a semi-private dinner reception at the resort’s delicious steakhouse featuring a decorated cake and a cameo from a mariachi band.

Looking Back

After the wedding, the couple took a 4-hour boat tour to go snorkeling, but the approach felt a bit pushy so the couple recommends doing more research on any 3rd-party excursion operators you use. They were so happy with the Majestic wedding department, and Bridget’s main source of advice is to not stress out. Have fun and go with it, it should be a fun party when you break it down to the details.

I think our ceremony’s music may have been my favorite moment, seeing our guests’ reactions and laughing. It wasn’t traditional and fit us!

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Bridget and Kevin Wedding

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