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Antoinette and Teon’s Wedding at Hotel RIU Ocho Rios

Thursday December 21, 2023

What was the cost of your wedding package?

The cost of my wedding package was $5,399.00

Did you add any upgrades?

Yes, we added more guests to our wedding and I got my wedding dress cleaned and steamed.

What was it like working with the wedding coordinator?

The wedding coordinators we had were amazing, they answered all our questions and were available to set up calls with us to help us pick what we wanted for our special day. When we arrived in Jamaica and met in person they walked us through how our special day was going to be and allowed us to see things in person and make last-minute changes. They were so easy to work with and helped make our day special!

What was it like working with Destify?

It was great working with Destify, when something was wrong or we had a question we would send an email and someone would get back to us in a timely manner. They have a great team that works well with each other and it makes it convenient that you don’t have to look for a planner, DJ, IT, transportation, etc. Destify has a whole team set up for you and can provide you with all the staff that you need.

Your favorite wedding moment with your spouse?

After my wedding, I was with my family and friends during cocktail time taking pictures and thanking everyone. As I was looking around I saw everyone at the resort watching the wedding as well. It was so beautiful!

What surprised you the most about the resort or venue?

How beautifully decorated everything was. I was even allowed to bring my guest book that my wedding planner set up for me to have my guests sign. I loved how the colors I picked matched the dresses and vests of my wedding party.

What was your favorite experience at the wedding?

The after-party was a blast. Having a private room with a DJ and being able to dance with my friends and family to end the night was fun.

Would you do a destination wedding again?

Yes, I would recommend anyone to do a destination wedding it saves you money and you get a vacation, honeymoon, and a wedding all in one trip. It’s less stressful. You can enjoy yourself before and after your wedding. I will plan my vow renewal at a destination in the future.

I wouldn’t change anything about having my wedding at Ocho Rio with Destify, from the setup to the staff everything was great. While living in another country I was still able to pick what I wanted, reach out to my wedding planner, ask questions, see everything beforehand, and more. In the end, I was able to marry my best friend with 31 of my family and friends who came to celebrate with us.

Working with all the great wedding staff at Destify to make my wedding dream come true while living in another Country, so I could marry my best friend.

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Hotel RIU Ocho Rios, perfect for destination weddings, with a large outdoor pool lined with lounge chairs under a clear blue sky.
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Package Costs: $1,699$9,999

Antoinette and Teon Wedding

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