Under the current circumstances, your destination wedding could operate in a more unique fashion then you may have been expecting. However, safety and the health of your guests is of utmost importance, so you should embrace any changes for the time being with open arms. Careful planning has gone into every resort to ensure the ultimate in comfort. Your favorite brands have outlined specific safety practices and measures that should be accounted for during your wedding or even your next group vacation to an all-inclusive resort.

So what will your wedding be like? Well, the guidelines placed by each resort will differ, both in the time of your arrival and in your chosen location. General rules include social distancing, the wider placement of seating areas and the spacing between them, and a laser-focused precision on new sanitary and cleaning procedures. Below are just a handful of examples that may be the new normal for your socially distanced destination wedding.

Arrival and Check-in

Once you get to your chosen destination, you will experience private shuttle service with newly added measures and will be greeted by mask-clad bellhops upon arrival. Check-in will now be focused on less physical contact than before or may have become completely digital. Your room will have undergone a completely new disinfection process and might be sealed for your first entry, guaranteeing no other human contact since the sanitizing sweep.

Maid and turndown service throughout your stay will also have an extra spotlight on sanitizing all the most-touched surfaces like handles, remotes, counters, doorknobs, and so on. Unique new perks include stronger room service menus and practices to account for food hygienic requirements, and the likelihood to make dinner reservations and more directly with your butler or straight from your room’s phone or via the resort app.

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies may take on new safety measures as well, and many hotels are still finalizing their factsheet for best practices or working directly with couples once their on-site to go through any precautions or rules. Outdoor venues are mainly unaffected, and a greater focus on wedding group privacy will be enacted by staff. This could mean you receive a more intimate wedding, a plus for many, as no fellow resort-goers will end up photobombing any photoshoots.

The actual ceremony venue will have updated seating placements allowing for social distance protocols. Masks will likely be required for the staff who are helping direct your ceremony. The use of outside vendors may also require their own safety rituals to go through as they enter the property, such as temperature checks. Cleaning and disinfection routines will be applied to the ceremony venue both before and after. Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue.

Private Receptions

For your reception, again, you should expect mask-clad staff assisting you, and guests should practice social distancing at the bar when ordering drinks (and your drinks will be served in single-use cups). All vendors will work with the resort for personal protection of both guests and employees, following all government regulations for the setup of the reception venue, and while the party happens. Just think of it as giving your DJ even greater space to work, and keep those tunes coming.

Buffet food is being reduced greatly or nixed all together at many all-inclusive resorts, in favor of plated meals and live cooking stations. Overall, this allows for trained staff to assist in keeping up with food handling regulations while still offering the impeccable service expected of a destination wedding. Tables will be placed 6ft apart, likely with no larger than groups of 6 wedding guests per table. Just like at the ceremony, hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue.

Other Resort Practices

Your beautiful destination wedding will include many other safety points and precautions across the property so guests can enjoy their stay free of worries. Please note, some bars may be closed for now, such as swim-up bars, or other areas where the resort cannot guarantee sanitary practices completely. Common areas will be properly disinfected at a heightened rate, day and night, so you can vacation comfortably. General resort capacity will be greatly reduced for the foreseeable future as well, with many resorts operating between 30% and 50% capacity.

Social distancing markers will have been placed throughout the property as well, so small groups will know where to hang with each other, while not intruding on those around them. Employees will have all undergone rigorous training for all of these new health measures, and resorts will relax restrictions as the pandemic’s requirements fade. In the meantime, travel with consideration for both your group and for the staff, as we all return to the celebrations of destination weddings and group travel to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Want to learn more? Explore our Resort Safety Measures and Practices Guide

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