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Gift Ideas Fit for Your Adventurous Wedding Party 

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When you are in the process of planning your destination wedding, you have to think about the people you want by your side as you say your “I Do’s.” Your wedding party is a special group of friends, family, and loved ones who are a part of your team and want to celebrate you! 

The question is, how do you find wedding party gifts for such important people, especially those who are excited to go on an incredible adventure with you? It may seem difficult, but there are a lot of unique wedding party gifts out there for you to choose from. This article will outline the best unisex gifts for your wedding party, many of which relate to your destination wedding. 

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Unique Wedding Party Gifts

How can you make your wedding party gifts stand out from the rest? Here are a couple of fun ways to make your wedding party’s presents feel special and unique. 

Make it Personal

To make your wedding party gifts stand out, consider personalizing them to suit the people in your wedding party better! This can take a lot of different forms, like an engraved watch, ring, or even a customized wallet. A personalized gift is often monogrammed or engraved with a person’s initials. You can also try to make each gift fit people’s personalities. Learn about their favorite colors or hobbies, or take note of the color palettes they usually dress in, so you can give them something that they can use in their everyday life. 

Fit the Theme

You can also make your gifts for the wedding party relevant to the theme and location of your wedding. For a destination wedding, you might try to get your wedding party something that centers around the excitement of traveling. Consider a customized passport holder or luggage tag set, or a coffee table book all about the wedding destination. Get your wedding party excited for the big day by giving them something relevant and specific to your wedding. 

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Best Unisex Gifts

Sometimes it can be fun when all members of the bridal party, regardless of gender, can share in a gift together. There are more ways to make a gift personal than just making it for a bridesmaid or a groomsman. Here are some fun unisex gift ideas that you could explore!

Food and Drink

When you are choosing gifts for wedding party members, you might consider buying gifts that do not specify gender. One great gift for anyone is food or beverages. A nice balanced cheese or charcuterie set, or a nice bottle of champagne, are wedding party gifts that anyone can enjoy. You could even pair it with a cutting board or a wine stopper to give your party members something that they can take home.  

Travel Gear

When you know you are planning a destination wedding, you could always choose to get your wedding party something to help them prepare! A weekend travel bag, perhaps with custom stitching or colors, would make for a great gift. You can provide your wedding party members with the perfect carry-on bag to bring to your destination wedding!


Unique wedding party gifts can also come in the form of games. Specifically, adult party games that you could play together as a wedding party might be a really fun way to spend time together. Consider some of the more popular games, like Cards Against Humanity, or even look for something that suits the wedding party! The gift of a game is a great way for your wedding party to have fun together and with people in their own lives.  

Destination Wedding Gifts

Care Packages

For a destination wedding party, it could be a good idea to give gifts that will be helpful to have while at the wedding venue. You could make each member of your wedding party a personalized care package for their stay at the wedding resort. You could include each members’ favorite snacks or drinks, some self-care items like lotions or bath salts, and even give a physical copy of the wedding itinerary. You will likely not be able to spend every moment with every member of your wedding party, but with a care package, you can make sure that they are well taken care of!

Beach Gear

If you are planning to have your destination wedding in a warm climate or close to the ocean, you could also consider gifts for the beach. People will likely want to spend time along the shoreline, so you can offer them the best experience on the beach with a customized beach bag or towel, sunscreen, and maybe even a pair of sunglasses! These wedding party gifts can also be used at home or on future vacations, which can make them extra special. 

unique wedding party gifts

The Gift of Experience

Some of the very best unisex gifts for a destination wedding party, especially an outgoing and adventurous one, can be found at your destination wedding venue! Consider making your wedding party gifts an experience, perhaps one for everyone to do together. Lots of destination wedding venues offer excursions and adventures outside of the resort itself. You might take your wedding party snorkeling or ziplining in the days leading up to the wedding ceremony. 

Additionally, you could book a destination getaway for just you and your wedding party before the wedding is even getting started! For an adventurous group of friends and family, you could consider a location with a lot of nightlife and fun experiences, like Cancun or the Dominican Republic. 

Here at Destify, we want to make your entire wedding experience a dream come true. That includes both the wedding itself, and anything else you want to do before you say your vows. We are here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams and to give the wedding party an experience that they will never forget. 

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