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Puerto Rico has announced it’s open for tourism again! The official announcement was made by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) on December 20th as the Holiday season ramped up. Over 100 hotels are now operating and ready for travelers, and the same can be said for restaurants too. The colorful architecture and cobblestoned streets of Old San Juan await vacationers and the Puerto Rico economy hopes a boost in travel could help infrastructure rebuilding for sections still in need of attention after Hurricane Maria.


As of today, all airports are fully operational, the majority of hotels are open and ready for reservations, and many of the major tourist attractions are operating again. A true spotlight shines brightly on the number of restaurants reopened, over 1000 of them in fact, all flourishing and ready to welcome new business. After the hurricane, many had to change menus and tweak recipes to work with what was available. The ability to bring in renewed business over the new year will allow them to work at full capacity again and trickle onwards to the local farms as they work to replace fields of produce damaged from Maria.

Tourism is a vital component of Puerto Rico’s economy. The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit the island, nicknamed the “longest holiday season in the world” as events extend from November until mid-January. It all ends with the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian, a final holiday hoorah filled with celebration, delicious food and drinks, and amazing music. Beyond the festivities, you’ll find plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the tropical climate.


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You can help Puerto Rico’s continued efforts to rebuild here.

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