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Creating Destination Wedding Welcome Bags: Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts

White tote bag with "Welcome to Cancun" printed above a blue leaf graphic, and "Christina & Raymond April 2024" below. Ideal as Destination Wedding Welcome Bags, the tote contains magazines.

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Wedding welcome bags are a fun part of your guests’ arrival at your destination wedding location. So, it is important to make sure they are special and memorable. This article covers some ideas on how to make thoughtful welcome bags for wedding guests. 

Welcome Bags for Wedding Parties 

You may be considering wedding welcome bags for your wedding party in addition to just your guests. So, how do you make those gift bags stand out from your wedding guest gift ideas? Here are a couple ideas on how to make your wedding party gift bags stand out: 

Make It Personal 

For specialized welcome bags, make them personal to your wedding party. Go the extra mile if you can and add a special flair to each person’s gifts that truly speaks to them. Make their bag fit their favorite color scheme, or add a small bottle of their favorite spirit. 

Add An Experience

To offer your wedding party an opportunity to step away from all of the wedding festivities, consider booking them a ticket to a smaller event or experience that they can enjoy on their own. Talk to your wedding planner in advance to find some fun events and activities that will be happening at your resort. 

Slip a gift certificate to the resort’s spa into their gift bags. Otherwise, book them a chair on a private beach or a nice dinner for two at a restaurant on the resort campus. As a way of showing your appreciation for their hard work and support, do something special for your closest loved ones.

Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

When you are putting together wedding welcome bags for your destination wedding guests, try to add gifts that are memorable, themed, and even useful for your friends and family. Here are some suggestions of what you can add to your guest gift bags: 

Travel Guide and Itinerary

Adding the wedding itinerary to your wedding gift bags is always a good idea. This way, your guests have a physical copy of the schedule and always know what their next steps need to be. Additionally, this gives them a good idea of what their free time might look like. 

To offer your guests something special for that free time on the itinerary, add a small travel guide booklet. You can even customize the travel guides to highlight specific activities or places that would appeal to each individual guest. If you are able to gift travel guides that look like small books with a nice binding, they can even serve as nice mementos of the journey. 

Luggage Tags

One cute and thoughtful gift that you can add to your gift bag that your guests will love is a luggage tag set. A quality luggage tag is a great gift that fits the theme of your destination wedding. Plus, personalizing a set of tags for each guest and referencing your wedding location can make them the perfect mementos of your adventurous wedding.

The Gift Bag Itself

For a gift that will not only be useful on the trip but also something that your guests can carry with them for years to come, invest in a nice bag to put your gifts in! You do not have to pack your gifts into flimsy or disposable paper bags. Instead, invest in a series of well-made tote bags or beach bags. 

The right wedding gift bags will be helpful tools for your guests to have as they enjoy the destination wedding! They can pack their bags with sandals and towels to have a fun beach day, or bring it shopping through the towns surrounding the resort. Plus, pack the tote bag full of necessities for the trip like sunglasses and lotion. 

Unique Wedding Gift Bags

If you are looking for more unique ideas for your wedding welcome bags, look no further. Take these wedding guest gift ideas as inspiration for a more adventurous and personal gift bag that fits you and your partner’s adventurous and creative spirit. 

Brand Your Bags

One creative idea for your wedding bags is to specially brand your gifted totes. There are plenty of different ways to make your bags special to your wedding or to your guests. Get custom stamps made, or even get the bags embroidered. You can put your names and your wedding date on the bags, or simply stick to branding the bags with your wedding location.

This way, your wedding guests have something special that they can carry with them as a useful and personal memory of their time at your destination. 

Add A Custom Art Piece

If you and your soon-to-be spouse have an artistic flair, consider connecting with a local artist. Add a small, custom piece of art to each of your gift bags. This way, you can not only connect with local culture and art, but you can also offer a special image to each of your guests that is representative of the destination. 

Your art gifts could be a collection of landscape pieces or oceanic views if you are getting married close to the water. If your itinerary includes an adventure into the jungles, commission art of local flora and fauna.

Make It All Local 

Another way you can make your welcome bags for wedding guests special is by filling them with special local items. No matter where your destination wedding is, there are bound to be local treats, drinks, and even items that you can incorporate into your gift bags. 

If your destination wedding is in the Caribbean, pack your gift bag full with a local beer or bottle of rum. You are also bound to find some delicious fresh and local fruit that will make for a delicious treat. Give your guests a taste of some local candies or add a small token item that commemorates your destination wedding locale. 

Making Memories

Make your destination wedding unforgettable, for you and for all of your loved ones with the perfect wedding welcome bags. At Destify, we create meaningful memories and are here to help you along every step of your wedding planning journey. 

Contact us today for an unforgettable destination wedding experience. 

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