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What Do Destination Wedding Packages Really Cover?

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If you are considering a destination wedding for your upcoming nuptials, you are most likely curious about what is covered in a wedding destination package. If you’re Googling options, it can get complicated pretty quickly. 

There are thousands of different resort options and it can be difficult to understand destination wedding prices and package costs. But Destify makes it easy! This is your guide to the best resorts, wedding packages, their prices and what they actually cover.

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Destination Wedding Packages

A destination wedding package is an all-inclusive experience provided by resorts and hotels in top wedding destinations. Usually, a wedding package includes everything the couple will need and want for their wedding and reception, including the venue, catering, decorations, destination wedding photography, and more. 

The options can vary depending on the location but might include on-site wedding planners, officiants, chairs and decorations, flowers, drinks, cake, and hair and makeup for the wedding party ‒ the choices go on and on. 

However, destination wedding packages can be personalized to the desires and needs of the couple. Wedding packages offer various options, like venue locations, menu choices, and more. Some packages include additional amenities and fun activities for wedding guests like tours, recreational activities, and spa treatments. 

A destination wedding package is meant to simplify wedding planning for the couple and for their guests. However, there are a myriad of choices available online. Most resorts around the world offer a wedding package, and many resorts offer various package options depending on the size of your wedding. 

Whether you are planning an elopement, a small and simple wedding, or a large wedding with hundreds of guests, there is a destination wedding package out there that is right for you. 

What is Included in Destination Wedding Packages? 

Deciding that you want a destination wedding package can be overwhelming. There are so many options and wedding destinations available. Here are some of the options that are typically included in a destination wedding package: 

Choosing a Resort and Venue

The first step in choosing a destination wedding package is deciding where to host your wedding. What is your dream wedding destination venue? Do you want a city, beach, or mountain wedding? 

An excellent wedding destination agency can help you narrow down your choices for the best destination wedding resorts and ensure that the destination you choose checks off all the boxes for your dream day, from the right venue to the right weather and the ability to accommodate the number of guests you hope to host.

Selecting a Wedding Package

Once you know where you want to have your wedding, it is time to select a wedding package. The wedding package you choose will depend on what is being offered by your resort, your budget, and your wants and needs for your big day.  

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Your Support Team 

When you choose a wedding package, you should always have a dedicated support staff to help you finalize all of the details for your day. 

Custom Website and Wedding Tools 

These days, every wedding needs a website. A custom website is included in many destination wedding packages to help you and your guests keep organized about all the details for your trip. Your wedding website might also include tools, applications, and more to help track your guest list, manage your payments, and share itineraries and updates with your friends and family. 

Booking Guests 

An excellent wedding package will include taking care of all of the airfare, accommodations, and transportation for all of your guests. After all, a wedding package service is not just about taking care of the bride, groom, and wedding party, but the rest of your guests, too!

Destination Wedding Photographer 

No matter where you decide to host your wedding or how many guests you invite, every couple needs a destination wedding photographer to snap photos and videos of their special day. 

Guest Services and In-Destination Support

Your wedding package services don’t end once you arrive at your resort. The best packages offer in-destination support to assist with any issues or questions that arise before, during, or after your trip. 

Destination Wedding Add-On Costs

Occasionally, there are add-on costs associated with your destination wedding if there are extras you want that aren’t included in your wedding package. Make sure to adjust your budget accordingly and plan for wedding add-on costs for flowers, entertainment, and other things. 

The Many Benefits 

Saves Money

A wedding destination package can help you save money. The national average cost of a wedding is $30,000, according to The Knot. When you choose a package for your wedding, you can control the amount of money you are spending and keep within your wedding budget. There are a variety of choices available to make a destination wedding affordable on any budget.

Makes Wedding Planning Easy 

If you want a smooth wedding planning experience, a wedding destination package makes it much easier. Planning a destination wedding can be difficult, but a wedding package allows you to enjoy making decisions. A package also makes it simpler for your guests to book their accommodations and airfare. 

Delivers Excellent Service

When you choose a wedding package from a top wedding destination, you have the peace of mind of knowing you will receive the best of everything for your wedding.

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Choose The Best with Destify

A wedding destination package is the best way to plan nuptuals and still customize it to your own tastes and desires. Whether you are looking for a Caribbean wedding or Dominican Republic wedding, Destify has the best wedding destination packages for your upcoming big day. 

Destiny is a leading destination wedding specialist. We work with the best destination wedding resorts across the world. We have wedding destinations in Jamaica, Mexico, and the United States, among other places. And the best part is, our services are always free. 

Contact Destify today! We create meaningful memories for your dream wedding. 

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