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Royalton Bavaro Wedding Resort Spotlight

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings punta cana garden

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At Royalton Bavaro, you can experience the best of the Caribbean. This all-inclusive resort is ideal for both your wedding and honeymoon, with delicious cuisine from across the world, sophisticated rooms, and unmatched service. Its wedding packages range from modest yet exquisite to enormous and elaborate, and can be customized to meet your unique wishes and needs. Planning the wedding of your dreams will be a breeze!

When you’re not busy with wedding festivities, you and your guests can unwind in the spa, dine on gourmet cuisine, gamble at the casino, or participate in one of the many daily events. You’ll have the time of your life if you host your destination wedding at Royalton Bavaro! Discover our wedding resort spotlight today:

Wedding Venues

A wedding on the sands of one of the world’s top beaches, Royalton Bavaro, is the perfect start to the rest of your life. You’ll be able to conclude your love in absolute harmony while listening to the murmur of the sea gently kissing the sand, whether it’s a traditional wedding or a Kohinoor (Indian) wedding. Your wedding, as well as the images that document it, will be as beautiful as the memories you’ve made together. At Royalton Bavaro, beachfront vows are the norm, followed by a delectable meal in tropical splendor. Wedding packages are adapted to every taste and budget, allowing you to personalize your special occasion exactly how you want it.

Max Capacity: 150 Guests

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings punta cana beach venue
Welcome to your classic Punta Cana beach wedding! Nestled on the crystalline white sands of Bavaro Beach, this Royalton Bavaro wedding venue is the perfect location for couples looking for a minimalistic setting. Complete with any customizations we mentioned above, your beach ceremony space matrimony delivers the quintessential oceanfront romance experience.

Sky Terrace
Max Capacity: 70 Guests

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings sky terrace venue
Overlooking shimmering Caribbean waters, the Sky Terrace literally elevates your ceremony to new heights. Intricately designed with handcrafted wood flooring and pergola-style canopies, the venue provides a truly unique space away from other travelers. The best part? You can host your entire evening (ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception) in the same secluded area.

Diamond Club Beach Gazebo
Max Capacity: 70 Guests

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings diamond club gazebo venue
Perhaps one of the most popular venues on the property, the Diamond Club Beach Gazebo infuses every ceremony with elegant craftsmanship. Framing the glorious Caribbean Sea, the gazebo features exclusive Diamond Club benefits such as ceremony security, exclusive day-of activities, and, of course, shade for you and your partner.

Garden Gazebo
Max Capacity: 40 Guests

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings garden gazebo venue punta cana
Let your love bloom at Royalton Bavaro’s Garden Gazebo. Imbued with stunning tropical flora, this venue adds a flair of natural Punta Cana beauty into every wedding ceremony. Designed for intimate gatherings, the Garden Gazebo is perfect for smaller guest lists.

Beach Gazebo
Max Capacity: 30 Guests

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings punta cana beach gazebo venue
Speaking of smaller guest lists, the Beach Gazebo delivers the mini wedding setting of a lifetime. Set upon the breathtaking shores of Bavaro Beach, the Beach Gazebos architecture and layout encourage couples to truly focus on the closeness of their marriage and loved ones.

Wedding Packages

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings punta cana sky terrace reception
With individualized attention and wedding packages starting at free, you may create your dream wedding that is as unique and special as the two of you. Wedding organizer, ceremony and dinner, wedding cake, and spa discount are all included in the complimentary packages. Skilled wedding concierges will take the stress out of preparing, allowing you to relax and enjoy this unique day with your loved ones.

Destify Couples at Royalton Bavaro

royalton bavaro wedding resort spotlight destination weddings punta cana diamond club gazebo venue
Matt and Brittany

Matt and Brittany planned for 3 days of wedding events, Thursday through Saturday. Before the official kickoff, many of their guests arrived a day early, and they scheduled a snorkeling booze cruise at the beginning of the week. The true wedding festivities began on Thursday, at the welcome party. On Friday the couple hosted both a ceremony rehearsal for the wedding party and a dinner rehearsal.

The couple held their ceremony on Saturday at 5pm at the Diamond Club’s beach gazebo. The sun was just beginning to set, which created the perfect setting. The resort handled every detail exactly how they had wanted, from chairs to the flowers, and every little detail in between. The cocktail hour immediately followed next to the ceremony space on the beach. The couple got sunset pictures while their guests enjoyed signature drinks and listened to a live saxophonist.

The private ceremony started at 7 pm on the sky terrace, a rooftop event space. It was beautiful at night, and there was a breeze during the party. Their wedding coordinator even reallocated some unused funds to surprise the couple with balloons on the dance floor, a huge light-up sign spelling out ‘Love’ for people to take pictures with, and cigars as well. Brittany said, “We truly had the best time of our lives for that two week period!”

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