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Destination Wedding Decor: Flowers, Local Flora, and Beyond

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When it comes to flowers and other plants included in your wedding, the main focus is often on the bouquet. However, there are a lot of ways to integrate flora into your wedding decor, no matter what aesthetic, theme, or location you have planned for your wedding. When you’re planning a destination wedding, you might want to integrate local flora into your decorations. 

At Destify, we are here to help you plan the destination wedding of your dreams, complete with the perfect venue and the perfect decor. This article will cover ways you can use local flora in your wedding decorations, with some outdoor and beach wedding decor ideas, as well as some ideas for your wedding reception. 

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Wedding Reception Decorations

When you are planning the wedding decor for your reception, you may already be thinking about a few decorative elements, like the centerpiece for the wedding table and decorations for guests’ seating. Here are a few ways that you can create a beautifully decorated wedding reception. 

Head Table Decorations

One thing you can do at your reception is incorporate outdoor wedding decor ideas into your reception and your head table. If you are focused on plant life and immersing yourself in nature, you might be interested in a hanging tree canopy or tent. 

All you have to do is drape some curtains from a large tree and create a canopy for the head table to sit under. This is a great way to incorporate local flora to create a beautiful frame around the newlyweds. You can also add local flowers to your head table as an elegant centerpiece. If you are having a tropical destination wedding, you can add some local tropical fruit to your centerpiece in addition to flowers. 


There is more to do with your reception decorations than just adding flowers, though. Consider highlighting some other live plants that are local to your wedding’s destination. This could be a few large potted plants around your reception venue, and you can also add them to your tables. With help from your wedding planner, you could find a range of beautiful live grasses to weave across tables for a beautiful and chic immersion in nature. 

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Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

For the perfect, summer outdoor wedding, there is no limit to your decoration options. By having your wedding outside, you are already taking a step into nature. Accentuating and highlighting the beauty of your surroundings can only make your ceremony feel more special. You can also tie your wedding decor choices into your wedding reception decorations to keep everything cohesive in its natural, elegant feel. 

Potted Plants

One elegant way to add some plant life to your wedding decor is to incorporate floral arrangements along the aisles. Of course, the wedding arch where the married couple stands is going to be the centerpiece, but why not accent the rest of your space with some beautiful potted plants

Tropical or local flowers are a beautiful way to center yourself in your destination wedding and give a nod to the beauty of your location. You could also line the aisles with small, potted trees. If you are having an evening or nighttime wedding, you could decorate the tree branches with fairy lights to create a magical glow as you walk down the aisle. 

Sustainable Decorations

Incorporating flowers and plants into your wedding decorations is not only a great way to get immersed in your surroundings but also a great way to add some sustainability elements to your ceremony. For example, after the ceremony is complete, it is customary for the wedding guests to throw rice or confetti in celebration of the newlywed couple.

 Instead of celebrating with plastics, you can make natural, compostable confetti out of dried leaves and flowers. Incorporating plants and flowers into your design and celebration can be a great way to further emphasize nature in your ceremony – and these elements are better for the environment.  

Beach Wedding Decor Ideas

Decorating your perfect beach destination wedding can be simple, too. One of the best ways to incorporate local flora into your beach wedding decor is by creating a wedding arch.

Wedding arches can come in a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, so there will undoubtedly be no issue finding one that fits your wedding decoration plans. If you are looking to incorporate local flora into your beach wedding, you can definitely do that within your wedding arch. You can add some simple beach grasses to the bottom of your wedding arch for an extra pop of greenery at the altar. 

If your destination wedding location is also home to some neutral-toned grasses, you could twist or hang them along your wedding arch for a beautiful, natural frame.  

If you’re looking to add an extra pop of color to your wedding on the beach, try weaving tropical and local flowers into a lattice wedding arch. Surrounded by the sands of the beach and the ocean’s waves, you can really make your vows feel like the centerpiece of a greater work of art. 

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Decorate the Wedding of Your Dreams

No matter where your destination wedding is going to be, there are endless ways to create the wedding and wedding decor of your dreams. At Destify, we are here to help you achieve all of your wedding goals. We want to be with you every step of the way as you walk your path to “I Do”

Many of our wedding packages come with the help of a wedding planner who can talk to you about your design wishes for both your ceremony and your reception. These planners can help bring your beach wedding decor ideas to life, and help you choose the perfect wedding reception decorations. Join us at Destify to create the wedding you’ve always wanted. 

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