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Choosing Jewelry That Captures the Spirit of Your Wedding Destination

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If you’re planning to get hitched in an exotic location, then you need a wedding look that captures the spirit of your dream wedding destination. Oftentimes, soon to-be-wed brides spend a lot of time on their attire, makeup, and hairstyle. However, when it comes to their wedding jewelry, they tend to not pay attention to it.

To get dreamy wedding pictures in your chosen wedding destination, it’s important for you to choose jewelry that captures the essence of your wedding destination. So, here are some tips that you can use to choose the jewelry that complements and completes your unique wedding look.

A bride's hands with a wedding ring on them.
A bride’s hands with a wedding ring on them.

The Art of Choosing Wedding Jewelry

Just like your outfit, your wedding jewelry also requires ample time, trials, and focus. Not only does the right jewelry enhance your wedding destination look, but also offers insights into your personality and preferences. Here are some tips for choosing different types of jewelry:


Your choice of earrings should be influenced by your wedding outfit and destination. For example, if you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony, go for lightweight earrings such as small hoops, or simple diamond studs. The choice of your wedding earrings also involves the pick that will complement your hairstyle for the day.

Your wedding dress neckline will also influence the choice of earrings. If it’s more intricate, you should pick earrings that will let the neckline be the star of the show. If your neckline is plain, then you should opt for heavier earrings like chandeliers and drop earrings.


For delicate fabrics, gowns with full sleeves and intricate patterns, go for simple and lightweight bracelets. These will make your gown be the center of attention, and won’t tug at your dress.

However, if your dress has a minimalistic style quality, contrast the look with some statement pieces such as chunky bracelets, or go for a multi-bracelet look.

A white gold ring with a cluster of diamonds.
A white gold ring with a cluster of diamonds.


If you want to go for a simple look, you can just wear your engagement ring or band. However, if you want to go for something that complements your wedding destination, go for metals that can withstand elements like sand, high temperatures, and saltwater, often found in locations like Mexico, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic


If you’ve got a heavier neckline with patterns, opt for a simple pendant and chain. The idea is to let the neckline shine through instead of the necklace covering it. This also applies when you have a higher neckline that doesn’t leave much space for a neck piece.

On the other hand, for a deeper neckline, you can wear a heavy necklace. If your wedding destination is a place like Jamaica, you can also go for a bohemian look by stacking multiple necklaces together and pairing it up with statement pieces like nose hoops or any other temporary nose piercing.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Destination Wedding Jewelry

While choosing the right wedding jewelry for a destination wedding often involves a blend of both the location as well as your personal style, here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding jewelry.

A bride in a white dress with a necklace.
A bride in a white dress with a necklace.

Plan Ahead

To get the most out of your wedding day jewelry, avoid waiting until the last minute before finalizing it. You can’t run out at the last minute to find the right jewelry. Nor will you be able to pick your wedding jewelry in an unknown destination. So, bring everything with you for a perfect wedding destination look. 

Climate Considerations

If you’re celebrating your wedding in a hotter climate, pick lightweight and breathable jewelry to avoid sweating. For colder climates like mountains, you can choose metals such as Gold and Rose Gold.

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Go With The Theme

For a unique look, try matching your jewelry with your wedding destination and theme. For instance, you can add pearls to your wedding jewelry collection if you’re getting married on a beach or cruise. Alternatively, you can pick wood inspired motifs for a forest or garden wedding.

Test It

Before you wear your wedding jewelry on the big day, try it with your wedding gown beforehand. This will help you see how the look comes together and if any adjustments need to be made.

Personalize it

For a more personalized look, you can wear any family heirlooms or combine it with your destination wedding jewelry. This will enhance your wedding ensemble’s uniqueness and meaningfulness.

An indian bride in a red lehenga posing on a golden throne.
An Indian bride in a red lehenga posing on a golden throne.

Avoid Over Accessorising

Your dress is the main lead, so stick to simple jewelry. You can add a piece or two of statement jewelry to enhance your overall look but keep the rest of them understated.

Choose Practical Pieces

No matter how pretty a piece of jewelry may look, if it’s prone to breaking or too delicate for your chosen wedding destination, it’s important to pick another option. This will save you a lot of stress on your wedding day.

Avoid Fixating

While you’re trying to make everything perfect for your special day, it’s easy to get carried away. While you do need to pay extra attention to your wedding outfit, avoid fixating on the jewelry too much.

Your jewelry is only a means to highlight your wedding outfit, as long as it compliments your outfit and you’re comfortable wearing it, you should be good to go.

Be Comfortable

Always pick the type of jewelry that makes you feel comfortable and confident. To avoid feeling restricted and uncomfortable on your wedding day, stay away from any tight or bad quality jewelry that shows poor workmanship that may downgrade your unique wedding destination look.

How to Pick the Right Wedding Jewelry

Depending on your idea of the perfect wedding look, your wedding theme, and your wedding destination, you may require some insights into what your jewelry should look like.

A bride in a wedding dress holds her wedding rings.
A bride in a wedding dress holds her wedding rings.

Jewelry For a Classic or Formal Bride

For a classic look, pick timeless pieces that look elegant and sophisticated with your overall look. You can choose stud earrings with pearls, diamonds, or zirconia for a sophisticated finish. You can then pair it with a simple pendant or pearl necklace. A traditional wedding platinum or gold band can be added to the mix. You can follow it up with a soft looking diamond bracelet. It will give you that royal look, if you’re aiming for that.

For a bolder look, you can go for chandelier or heavy drop earrings, a heavy zuroski or diamond necklace, and a simple solitaire or three stone ring.

To add to the classic royal look, you can also add a tiara or pearl hairpins. Alternatively, a lace-adorned veil or a floral hair clip may also work wonderfully.

Jewelry For a Romantic or Semi-Formal Bride

For a romantic bride, the choice of jewelry should be soft. To add elegance to your overall look, you can choose crystal or pearl accents. Soft hearts and floral jewelry are going to be your best companions. You can also opt for a gemstone necklace or bracelet for an elevated look.

For a semi-formal look, choose rings with intricate details such as floral designs or filigree. You can also stack multiple thin bands across your fingers. Choose gold or rose gold for a more defined look. Instead of a veil, you can wear a floral or pearl headband. You can also use floral hair pins.

Jewelry For a Rustic, Boho or Casual Bride

If you want to blend in with the location of your wedding, especially if it’s in a tropical place like Jamaica or Mexico, a bohemian look will suit you the best. You should choose statement pieces that reflect a sense of free spirited and laid back wedding look.

To add a hint of bohemia to your wedding destination jewelry, opt for earrings and necklaces with feathers, and shells. For a more chic look, you can choose turquoise stones too. Try to mix in some beads, charms, and metals together for an earthy feel. You can wear multiple necklaces and layer them up to form a gorgeous destination wedding ensemble.

You can also wear rings with nature motifs such as leaves, wood barks, or animals. Combine these with gemstones of your choice for an eclectic designer look. For a true bohemian look, you can also braid your hair or use beads and feather hair pins with your wedding hairstyle.

It’s a Wrap

Planning and preparing your wedding jewelry for a destination wedding can be difficult. To ensure that your wedding jewelry captures the spirit of your wedding destination and theme, you can use the tips given above to learn more about the art of choosing the right wedding jewelry.

While there are many opinions on how you should style your wedding jewelry and you’re free to follow them, just remember that as long as you’re happy with your wedding ensemble and wedding destination, anything else doesn’t matter as much.

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