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Wedding Hairstyles that Won’t Get Ruined with a Breeze

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Anyone with hair longer than a buzz cut understands the potential struggles of a perfect hairdo interacting with imperfect weather. These struggles won’t disappear simply because it’s your wedding day. If you’ve been looking forward to a beautiful, beachfront wedding, and you’ve chosen the perfect destination wedding spot, you won’t want a bad hair day causing any problems. 

How do you choose a wedding hairstyle? What about a beach wedding hairstyle? Do you go with a half-up wedding hair look? What can you do to work around salt air and a breeze? What are the best hairstyles for humidity? 

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Picking a Wedding Hairstyle 

As with everything else for a wedding, there are a lot of options for hairstyles and a lot to consider. Where can you draw inspiration for your beach wedding hairstyle? Before even looking on the internet or sites like Pinterest, use what you already have. 

Look at your dress, your wedding theme, the venue, and even the colors or the mood for hairstyle inspiration. There are specific hairstyles that fit the aesthetic (and the weather) of a beach wedding better than others. 

Also, take into consideration how you usually wear your hair. If your hair is up all the time, having your hair down may be slightly irritating. A half-up wedding hair look is always a good compromise. 

You should choose a hairstyle that compliments your facial shape and works with your hair texture. While hair stylists can work their fair share of hair magic, changing the overall texture of your hair is a challenge. 

Be realistic about what will look best with your facial features and your hair length. Remember that extensions are always an option if you really want an up-do but simply do not have enough hair. 

Don’t forget to consider accessories such as a veil that may impact your chosen wedding hairstyle. 

Beach Wedding Hairstyles 

Beach weddings generally mean humidity, an ocean breeze, and salt air. This means a beach wedding hairstyle should be secure from the wind and ready to face the humidity. 

Generally, beach wedding hairstyles fall on the more relaxed end of the wedding hairstyle spectrum. Destination brides opt for messy buns, textured braids, beachy waves, and half-up wedding hairstyles. The half-up look maintains the length and the flow but keeps your hair from your face if the wind picks up. Here are some ideal hairstyles for humidity and wind. 

Beach Waves: what embodies a beach wedding more than beachy waves in your hair? These can embrace your natural texture and enhance soft waves and loose curls. Pair beach waves with a half-up look to prevent flyaways from getting in your face. 

Messy Buns or Updos: these are perfect for keeping all your hair secure from an ocean breeze. You can add some accessories or twists to enhance the look. 

Braided Hairstyles: braids can be practical, stylish, and versatile. There’s the single-side braid, a fishtail braid, a braided crown, or a braid incorporated into an updo. 

Half-Up Hairstyle: these are the best of both worlds. You can keep the length, and the framing of your face, while still keeping your hair secure from the wind. 

Accessories: hair accessories such as flowers and jewels can also help secure your hair from the breeze. 

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Hair and Makeup for Destination Weddings 

When it comes to destination weddings, one of the common questions is “Who does the hair and makeup? And where?” Unlike a stateside ceremony where brides may rely on word-of-mouth, recommendations, and reviews, the options may be limited for a destination wedding. Luckily, most resorts have on-site spas and salons that offer bridal and bridal party hair and makeup services. These hair and makeup services may even be part of an all-inclusive wedding package. 

Knowing where your wedding day makeup will be done is one thing, but destination weddings present another hurdle. Most brides choose to do a trial run of their hair and makeup before their big day. This ensures that they like the look and that the look works with their hairstyle. A trial run also gives the stylist an idea of how much time is needed. 

If your wedding, and your stylist, are a plane ride away, it will be more difficult to coordinate that pre-wedding trial. If you have the means and the time to visit your resort and meet with the stylist, that’s an option. If that’s not possible, there are other options. 

At a minimum, aim to speak with the stylist team at your resort. This ensures you and the stylist team communicate well and are a good fit. If you can video chat so they can see what they’ll be working with, that’s an added bonus. Make sure you share reference photos too. If you have a local stylist who can do a test run, you can share those pictures with the destination team. 

Whether you’re having a destination wedding on the beach or stateside, be sure to keep your hair and makeup expectations realistic. No matter where you say “I do,” your hair is not going to look the same during your ceremony as it will after hours of dancing the night away.  Even the best stylists can only fight physics so much.  

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Making Meaningful Memories

Destify may not be able to style your hair to perfection, but we can help you determine which resorts include bridal hair in their all-inclusive packages. We want you to look back on the pictures and videos from your dream destination wedding and remember what an incredible time you had, how much love was shared, and think “Wow we look great,” in all the shots. Destify is in the business of making meaningful memories, and our expert team is ready to help you make yours. 

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