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Top Destination Wedding Excursions for You and Your Guests

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When you are planning your destination wedding, there are plenty of decisions to make involving guest activities and how the wedding party will be spending their time at your wedding location. Having a destination wedding does not mean that you have to spend all of your time at the resort! 

Instead, think about some fun wedding excursions that you can go on with your wedding party and guests – or even just as a married couple! The possibilities are endless, and there are amazing things to do at every possible wedding destination. This article will highlight some great excursion options for your destination wedding, from day trips into town to tours and travel ideas to add some adventure to your trip.

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Tours and Travel

Think of choosing your destination wedding location based on the activities you like doing as a couple. One popular excursion is a tour. There are plenty of tours you can go on during your destination wedding, from walking tours to bus tours and even aerial ones! 

If you and your partner are fans of architecture, you could book an architectural bus tour in a big city. Or, if you and your sweetheart are big fans of history, you might want to use one of your day trips to explore some ancient ruins or go on a ghost tour. If you want to go to a tropical location and explore the beauty of nature, you could make a day out of an exciting zipline jungle tour!

A Sense of Adventure

Zipline tours are not the only adventurous activities you could do for your wedding excursion! There are plenty of tours and travel options for wedding parties who love the rush of adrenaline or trying something new. There are a lot of exciting wedding activities you can try that will immerse you in the natural world, like snorkeling or getting to meet a unique animal! 

If there is an amusement park near your chosen destination wedding resort, you could always spend a day there and enjoy some heart-racing thrills. Some resort locations will also be close to other exciting exploits, like ziplining, water skiing, or even bungee jumping.

If you are looking for a way to combine an exciting, immersive tour with a sense of adventure, consider going on a nature or jungle tour on an ATV, where you can travel through nature at a higher speed and navigate through natural obstacles. 

If you are looking for excursions in Mexico, you might stumble across a beautiful cenote, a freshwater pool in the center of the jungle. Stop for a quick swim or snap some photos and enjoy the beautiful tranquility of nature before you hop back on your ATV to head back to your resort. 

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Out on the Town

If you are searching for day trips near the city or a place packed with shops and bars, there is no need to worry! You can find plenty of wedding excursions that are focused on adult-exclusive experiences, like bars and clubs. 

One such excursion is to Isla Mujeres in Mexico, for a fun-filled day or night. Plenty of destination wedding resorts are located around scenic plazas and shopping centers where you can enjoy the view and enjoy the action! If you are hoping to have a completely child-free wedding, you can even find adult-only resorts for your travel experiences! These resorts will offer some exciting adult activities like local pub crawls or tours. 

Rest and Relaxation

After a busy series of unforgettable travel experiences like exploring old ruins, ziplining through the jungle, or spending a day on a pub tour, it may be nice to take some time to breathe. Remember, not all of your wedding excursions have to be packed with action! 

Some of your excursions can be spent relaxing and feeling a sense of peace. After all the effort of planning your destination wedding, it is important to take a break!  There are plenty of ways for you and your wedding party to lie down and rest after an action-packed trip. 

Consider booking a spa day for you and your partner, or the entire wedding party! Spend a day getting pampered and let yourself decompress after all the excitement. If you have the energy and interest to leave the resort for the day, but don’t want to do anything too active, look around for a local vineyard or brewery and book a nice tasting. There are plenty of ways to let yourself relax while still enjoying your destination wedding!

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Travel Experiences to Remember

One of the best ways to guarantee success for your destination wedding is to find the right destination wedding planner! At Destify, we specialize in destination weddings and can help you find the right location and activities for you and your entire wedding party. You know what you want for your destination wedding more than anyone else. Our experts are here to help you find the best packages and resorts to fulfill those wants. 

As you plan your perfect destination wedding, consider exploring your options for wedding excursions by discussing them with your Destify wedding planner to create an adventure-filled trip for you and your entire guest list. 

Nexus Tours, in partnership with Destify, is a great place to help with your day trips and excursions. With a large selection and great value, Nexus and Destify work together to get you the best experiences for your wedding. We are here to help you create the destination wedding of your dreams, complete with every trip and experience you could possibly want. Start working with us to create an unforgettable trip today!

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