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Navigating Time Zone Changes: Tips for a Smooth Destination Wedding

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When planning a destination wedding, one concern that might get overlooked comes into play very close to the wedding date itself. Time zone changes can cause some unfortunate stress and difficulty after a long flight to your destination resort. 

Luckily, there are ways to take care of these issues. This article will give you the right tools for how to get rid of jet lag and enjoy the first day at your resort instead of feeling bogged down by the new time zone

time adjustment

The Struggles of A Time Zone Difference

Making a significant time adjustment can be difficult on a person’s body in a number of ways. In fact, it is typical for your body to take one day to adjust to every hour of the time zone changes you are experiencing. Let’s talk a little about how you might be feeling when you experience a big time zone shift. 

Circadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is the cycle in your body that dictates when you are tired and when you feel awake. It is synced up to the time zone you live in, so when you fly several hours ahead or behind, your circadian rhythm needs time to sync back up to a new time zone.

 Your rhythm is especially affected by the light of the sun, which is why you might feel wide awake at midnight on the other side of the world. 

Side-Effects of Jet Lag

There are a lot of different side effects you may feel when your body is undergoing a time change. The most common symptom is that you may feel very tired and fatigued after your travel. You might also feel dehydrated or experience changes in appetite. 

Jet lag can be better or worse depending on the person, but it is always important to take care of yourself. Especially before a destination wedding, you will want to get rid of your jet lag in the best ways you can. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips to help you with the big time adjustment. 

how to get rid of jet lag

How to Get Rid of Jet Lag

Here are some of our best tips for getting rid of jet lag as your body adjusts to the time zone changes it is experiencing. 

Prepare in Advance

Anticipate that you might feel jet-lagged at the end of your trip. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you get on your flight. 

Try to avoid booking a red-eye trip as much as you can, as it might make the time zone difference harder to work with when you arrive. Additionally, if you want to sleep on the plane, try to line up your sleep schedule with the current time at your destination. 

There are also a lot of great apps you can use to help monitor your sleep and keep you awake if you need it. Take melatonin if you need help getting rest and try your best to stay comfortable on the flight.  

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink a lot of water and avoid other beverages. Specifically, avoiding alcohol will only be to your advantage. It might sound nice to drink a glass of wine on the plane, and you might feel like it will help you relax, but in actuality, it will make your jet lag worse. Stick with water. 

Be Kind to Yourself

When you arrive at your destination wedding location, make sure you take care of yourself. Don’t plan anything big for your first day at the resort. Instead, get plenty of rest and take it slow as your body adjusts to the time change. 

Ways to Enjoy Your Time Adjustment

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to adjust to time zone changes is to take it easy on your first day at the resort. So, what are some of the best ways to take it easy? Here are a couple of great options for a slow and restful first day at your resort. 

Get Some Sun

One of the best ways to adjust your circadian rhythm to your new time zone is to get a careful, nice amount of sun exposure. 

Let yourself rest in the morning, especially when you travel a few hours ahead of your usual time zone, but then try to get some sunshine in the late afternoon. Enjoy the view at your resort and maybe even spend some time on the beach!

Head to the Spa

If you are looking for a way to really relax and take care of your body during a big time zone difference, try heading to your resort spa. Enjoy a rich facial treatment or a deep tissue massage. Try a reinvigorating seaweed wrap to rejuvenate your body and help you feel a little less stressed. 

Some resort spas even offer yoga sessions overlooking the ocean and hydrotherapy circuits. There is no limit to what you can experience at your resort spa. This is the perfect way to get your destination wedding started: allow yourself to de-stress and enjoy the experience. 

A delta airplane flying over the ocean at sunset.
A delta airplane flying over the ocean at sunset.

Plan Your Destination Wedding

Knowing how to get rid of jet lag will be a huge asset to you as you get ready for your destination wedding. When you reach your resort, the preparations have only just begun! You will not want to be struggling with time zone changes in the time leading up to your special day. 

If you are able, try to arrive at your destination wedding resort a couple of days in advance of your wedding party and guests. That way, you will be in high spirits and feel energized enough to greet them. Also, make sure you give your family and friends enough time to adjust to the time change themselves. 

Planning out these additional days of rest after you reach your wedding destination might feel tricky. There is so much to do and plenty of excursions to go on with your wedding party. Luckily, there is a great way to have all of your destination wedding needs planned out for you before you even arrive. 

At Destify, we create meaningful memories with you. We can help you plan every step of your destination wedding, from sending out invitations to deciding on the reception menu. Our expert wedding planners know just how to take care of you as you get settled at the resort and beyond. 

Join us at Destify today for an unforgettable destination wedding experience. 

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