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Today we are highlighting some of the more important things that happen during your typical planning checklist for a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort. Please note that not every destination wedding is planned over a year; some couples expedite the process and others plan with years in advance. There’s no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, and you will likely find that many of the decisions are stress-free as you work along the steps.

An Abbreviated Planning Timeline

12+ Months

Decide on your destination and resort.
Confirm wedding date.

12 – 9 Months

Invite guests and allow them to begin booking.
Initial contact with your wedding coordinator begins.

9 – 6 Months

Verify passport status.
Begin considering extra services such as a photographer.

4 – 3 Months

Begin planning your decor and menus with your wedding department.
Confirm final guest list.

2 Months

Payment reminders are sent out to your guests.
Finalize your wedding itinerary.

1 Month

You and your guests confirm your flight schedules and travel policies
Tie up any loose ends pertaining to entertainment or decor.

1 Week

Schedule your in-person coordinator appointment.
Confirm your payment to the wedding department.



Want To Learn More?

If you want to learn more about the planning process for a destination wedding, you can utilize our handy Destination Wedding Timeline Tool, which goes into much more detail.

Destination Wedding Timeline Tool


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