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9 Activities for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

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Are you planning a wedding in Puerto Rico? If so, there are plenty of fun activities you can schedule during your trip. Roam with wild horses on the seaside streets of Vieques. Take a dip below the water to discover hidden shipwrecks. You can even visit a coffee plantation to learn about your favorite brew.

Follow below as we highlight 10 things to do during your Puerto Rico wedding:

1. Roam with Wild Horses

If you’d prefer to roam with horses instead of riding them, plan your wedding near the island of Vieques. Here, wild horses wander through the town. When one group of researchers visited the island, they saw more than 150 horses in two days. After you and your partner say “I do,” head to the streets to spot the frolicking colts and fillies.

2. Taste Local Cuisine

Get the real flavor of Puerto Rico by tasting the local fare. Ask a local restaurant to cater your wedding or plan a romantic dinner in town after the nuptials. Try battered and fried plantations, a favorite across the island known as tostones. Or try a savory empanadilla, a fried pastry stuffed with ground beef or chicken. Your resort of choice can also help with local cuisine for your reception, but just note Puerto Rico has no all-inclusive options on the island yet.

A spread at Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach.

3. Take on the Rapids

If you’re hosting your event at Villa Punto de Vista ⁠— a resort that specializes in destination weddings ⁠— don’t miss a chance to go whitewater rafting. While the country is only 170 miles at its widest, the high elevation due to volcanic history makes for the perfect adventure destination, with rapids that range from Class 3 to 5.

4. Discover Shipwrecks

Puerto Rico has plentiful scuba diving opportunities. The resort where you plan your wedding will be able to provide the proper accommodations, including where to find scuba gear and a diving instructor. While you’re underwater, visit with the local marine life and look for clues of an old shipwreck. You’ll never know what you might find.

A beach in Puerto Rico.

5. Visit a Private Island

If you choose the wedding package at El Conquistador in Puerto Rico, you’ll gain access to the resort’s private island, Palomino Island. There, you can talk a self-guided tour of the gardens or play a round of mini-golf. You can join in on a session of water aerobics or relax in the ultra-lounge. At night, gather the kids by the campfire to make tasty smores and enjoy a movie.

6. Kayak in a Fairytale

Kayaking in Puerto Rico is an adventure in and of itself. You can follow the current through the forest and look for wildlife. But if you’re planning a wedding in Vieques, take the opportunity to kayak Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. Here, the water is filled with organisms called dinoflagellates — dinos for short — that give the water an ethereal blue glow.

A waterfall in Puerto Rico.

7. Visit a Coffee Plantation

Puerto Rico is known for many things — one of them is growing coffee. After you’ve said, “I do,” visit a local coffee plantation, called a hacienda, where you can learn about the production process from bean to cup. Some haciendas are within driving distance of San Juan, but most are in the higher elevations of the Toro Negro mountains.

8. Hike the Rainforest

At the Wyndham Grand in Rio Mar, you can join a rainforest hiking tour to get up close and personal with wildlife and fauna. As you walk through the tall palm fronds and jungle vines, keep your eyes peeled for the sixteen different species of Coqui Frogs, 13 of which live in the El Yunque National Forest. Or look up to spot brilliant green and blue parrots.

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach

9. Take a Helicopter Tour

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country. Each time you visit, you’ll catch a glimpse of something new. If you’re looking for a different angle, consider taking a helicopter charter once you’ve bid the guests adieu. You and your partner can fly high above Culebra Island or the white-sand beaches of Vieques. Most tours operate within driving distance of San Juan.

Make your wedding in Puerto Rico a memorable one by topping the celebration off with unforgettable activities. Take to the streets and try some local cuisine. Visit Mosquito Bay where you can kayak amongst glowing dinos. Or head deep into the rainforest to look for parrots and Coqui Frogs.

Sights from San Juan.
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