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The Future of the Destination Wedding Industry

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Wedding market research is making it clear that the destination wedding industry is increasing immensely in popularity. More and more, couples are deciding to make their wedding a special getaway – in addition to their honeymoon. Some couples are choosing to do a small-scale honeymoon at their wedding location before flying off to their bigger honeymoon. 

As we start looking into the new year, we can look at destination wedding industry trends and ideas that have started popping up in the past few months. Destination weddings are often planned very early, so we can already get a peek into what the trends of 2024 might be! In this article, we’re going to review some wedding market research and examine new and growing trends within the destination wedding industry. 

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Wedding industry news points to a lot of destination weddings relying more on technology for every part of their wedding. A huge piece of your planning is going to be a destination wedding website. Creating a personal website complete with your itinerary, your registry, a guestbook, and more can make your guests more excited about the wedding. 

It is also a great resource for group travel, as you can have things pre-planned on an itinerary, or you can open up a group chat for your guests to plan, talk, and get excited about the big event! 

Some wedding parties use social media as a part of their experience, too. With wedding hashtags or even a wedding page, you can document and share your wedding planning and even the big day itself with your friends, family, and interested followers. 

Trends also show that more high-tech documentation of events is becoming popular. Instead of just having a photographer at the wedding, a lot of people are filming their ceremonies, even using drones to get birds-eye footage! Creative and extensive photography and videography can help you make your special day even more memorable, with beautiful and unique footage.  

Intimate Ceremonies

Wedding industry trends also point to a lot of weddings becoming smaller. Instead of a massive event with hundreds of people, weddings are becoming much more of an intimate event. There is more of a focus on how special the moment is for the bride and groom and less about the spectacle for a lot of people to see. Wedding parties and wedding guest numbers are decreasing to create a quieter and more personal feel to the occasion. 

An intimate ceremony can occur anywhere, and with an increased interest in destination weddings, an intimate destination wedding might become more and more popular.  There are a lot of benefits to having an intimate wedding, all of which definitely make the concept something to consider. 

Wedding market research shows that intimate weddings are almost always less expensive than larger ones. They are also shown to be less stressful because there are fewer people to coordinate and accommodate. The couple gets the opportunity to spend a lot more time with each guest, and also with each other. If you are trying to be environmentally conscious at your wedding, an intimate wedding can also be helpful in that regard. 

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Focus on the Experience

Wedding industry news also states that there is more interest and focus being put on the entire wedding experience, not just the ceremony. This might include the wedding reception and all pre-planned activities. The wedding industry has seen an increase in weekend-long celebrations with multiple days filled with events and activities.  

Having a wedding celebration that lasts multiple days is actually a great idea when you are booking a destination wedding. You have a lot of options for booking an all-inclusive destination wedding that will make every moment of your celebration unforgettable. This means that you and your guests can enjoy yourselves on your own or as part of the wedding group. If children are attending the wedding as well, planners can help you find activities for an entire family to enjoy.

All-inclusive resorts can also be more cost-effective than paying for meals or events as they come. The smaller costs can really add up, especially when it comes to food and drinks. Most all-inclusive destinations offer unlimited beverages and meals for those who are on the plan – which can make a huge difference when you are working on a budget. 

Supporting Local

Wedding industry trends are also making it clear that part of the appeal of destination weddings is the ability to support local businesses and immerse oneself in a new culture. Post-pandemic, people are very excited to return to global travel, and a wedding is an incredible way to immerse yourself in a new place with people you love! 

Because there is an increased focus on the full experience with destination weddings, guests can indulge in local foods, drinks, and customs. A lot of experiences that you might have at a destination wedding will actively support the community around you. You may even be part of building the wedding industry in other parts of the world. 

wedding market research,

In order to be perfect, weddings require a lot of planning. Even more planning might go into a destination wedding; you have to coordinate flights and travel costs, and consider amenities for all of your guests in addition to your own. Wedding industry news is showing that destination weddings are on the rise. 

If you are considering a destination wedding, consider partnering with us at Destify to make your destination wedding dreams come true. As expert wedding planners, we can help you create the perfect experience for your special day and make it memorable for everyone you invite. We can’t wait to help your celebration of love become the most unforgettable moment of your life together!   

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