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Have a burning question you need to ask a travel expert? Not sure what the resort atmosphere is like at a property you’re considering? Want to know more about a wedding venue, or what all a wedding package truly includes? Gets answers by email, from a certified expert, by responding to our email below:

Planning a wedding is hard, well, usually. But with a travel agent and a dedicated wedding team at your chosen resort, planning can actually be easy, and in fact, stress-free. Catch some of our most popular questions below, then submit your own question for a real response by email! We will also publish your question here anonymously.

Q: How do I get a free dinner rehearsal? – Samantha 7/19

A: Bring a large group! The larger your group, the more wedding perks you may be entitled too. Common wedding perks include free room upgrades, free private events, or even a free dinner rehearsal. Also, depending on your selected wedding package, a welcome party or dinner rehearsal may be included.

Q: Which destination have the best beaches? Kyle 1/20

A: Not all beaches are created equal, despite nearly all of our amazing resorts being on beautiful beach fronts. First, ask yourself what type of beach you desire. Long and expansive? White or golden sands? Small and intimate? Some of our favorites include resorts in Cancun’s hotel zone, any resort near Maroma beach in Mexico’s Caribbean, any resorts along famous Bavaro Beach in the Dominican Republic, and many of the stunning options in Jamaica.

Q: What are blackout dates? – Desiree 12/19

A: Blackout dates happen during the busy season when resorts do not offer discounted rates. This could mean high-rates or full resorts during more popular months for travel like December and January. It also means certain wedding packages or package rates may not be available, as this time is busier for resorts. Learn more about seasonality in our resource guide here.

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