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When you do a quick Google search for “destination weddings” a ‘free’ wedding package is likely to show up. You may have run across the promotion when researching resorts and their wedding departments. If you’re wondering if they are truly legit, the simple answer is yes, they are. However, they are only free if you meet a certain set of requirements. The most common requirement is that you must book a certain number of rooms and nights for your group.

Let’s break down the whole room/nights requirement first, a stipulation many couples get confused about. Often a resort will write something like, “Free package qualifies as free if 15 room/nights are booked”, without explaining it any further. What the resort means is that there must be a combined booking of rooms and nights to equal 15. This could be 4 rooms booked for 4 nights each as an example, thus equaling 16 room/nights.

See below for potential inclusions within a free package:


Restrictions and Additional Fees

As you can see, you can get many inclusions within a free package if you meet the requirements. If you want a simple and easy ceremony, it just might be the perfect fit. But utilizing a free package can also be beneficial as a base to add customization too. Say, for example, you see everything you want within a free package, except you’re missing a private dinner reception. That can be added for an additional charge. The same goes for decor if you don’t like the minimal decor a free package offers.

There are a number of other restrictions that may pop up if you’re choosing a free wedding package. These could include set dates when the package isn’t offered or even less flexibility with your ceremony location. Free wedding packages typically have a set ceremony location you must use, and if you would like a different venue you may have to pay extra or choose a different package instead. A free wedding package may also still cost money if you choose to have a legal ceremony.

Free packages can be a true bargain for couples hosting weddings as just the pair, or with a small wedding party. Most wedding packages offered by resorts are built in tiers or stages, with one package building upon the next. Your average wedding package is entirely customizable for an additional cost, so a free wedding package could be a great starting off point.

To learn more about “Free” wedding packages in detail you can visit our Destify Resource here:



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