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Destination Wedding Thank You Messages: Etiquette and Ideas for Expressing Gratitude

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Writing wedding thank you messages is one of the best ways to express to your friends and family that you love them and appreciate spending time with them at your wedding celebration. But at the same time, these sorts of notes can be tricky to write. Even at a destination wedding, where your entire invitation list is not always likely to show up, there are always a lot of thank-you notes to write. 

How do you make every thank you note personal and heartfelt, especially when you have to write so many of them? We have compiled a comprehensive guide to writing the perfect thank you notes for wedding attendance or gifts. 

This article will unpack some of the best thank you card wording and phrases that you can use, how you can best prepare for your notes, and even offer you some thank you card examples.

Thank You Messages

Tips For Thank You Notes for Wedding Attendance

Knowing how to write the perfect wedding thank you messages does not come easily to everyone. Luckily, we have a few suggestions and tips for you on how to start writing perfect wedding thank-you notes

Plan Ahead

One of the best things you can do to write good thank-you notes is to plan ahead. When you are opening gifts at your reception or after the celebrations at home, make sure that someone, whether it be you or a maid of honor, for example, is making an organized list of what gifts came from which guests. Having this list ahead of time will make it much easier to write thank-you cards later since no one will struggle to remember where every gift came from. 

Express Gratitude

When you consider your wedding thank you card wording, always make sure that you add the “thank you” itself. If you had a destination wedding, maybe you did not ask guests for gifts. You can always thank them simply for their attendance and company. If they did happen to give you a wedding present, always be sure to thank them for that, too. 

Add A Personal Touch

To make sure every guest feels properly thanked, always try to add a personal touch to your thank-you cards. This can come in plenty of forms. You could mention something specific about the guest and about the time you spent together during the wedding festivities, or even another story or moment from your lives together. Make sure your loved ones all feel valued by you. 

Thank You Notes for Wedding

Wedding Thank You Card Wording 

When it comes to wedding thank you messages, words and phrasing can play a huge part in how people receive your letter. The right language is important to make sure you get your point across and can properly express your gratitude. 

For Attending: 

When you are sending notes to your guests to thank them for joining you at your wedding celebration, here are a few thank you card examples of quality phrases that you could use: 

  • We are incredibly grateful for your support and your time!
  • It was a gift to have you as a part of our celebration. 
  • Your presence at our wedding means the world to us. 
  • We are so thankful that you could be a part of our special day. 

For Gifts: 

When it comes to sending thank you notes for gifts, your language is likely to be a little bit different than if you are just thanking people for their time. Always make sure that you state exactly what the gift is and how you intend to use it. If you received a cash gift, be sure to tell your guest what the money will be used for. Here are a couple of phrasing examples that you might use: 

  • Thank you so much for the crystal wine glasses. We cannot wait to have you over soon so we can all enjoy a drink together!
  • Thank you for your generous gift. We are now one step closer to completing our bathroom remodel in our new home! 

Thank You Card Examples

Wedding thank you messages can be written in plenty of ways. What matters more than anything is making sure they feel true to you as well as being personal to each of your guests. To serve as inspiration, here is an example of what your thank you notes for wedding attendance might  look like: 

Dear friend or family member,

Thank you so much for joining us in celebration of our marriage! It is always such a joy to celebrate with you – you have always made my special days even more memorable, ever since we were kids together. Once we get back from the honeymoon, we are looking forward to another board game night with you. We are sure there will be plenty to catch up on!

Thank you again for being a part of our special day. We are so grateful to have you in our lives and we look forward to the many celebrations to come. 

With love, 

The Wedding Couple 

man is thanking his friend

Express Gratitude with Destify

Lastly, one of the most important steps in sending out your wedding thank you messages is to make sure you mail them out promptly! Always be sure to mail out your thank you notes within three months of the wedding, but if you can, send them as soon as possible. In the whirlwind of your wedding, honeymoon, and all of the new discoveries to follow, it can be easy to drop the ball on this part of your wedding. But if you have the right people on your team, you can make sure everything stays perfectly organized. 

At Destify, our expert wedding planners are here to help you plan the perfect wedding. From RSVPs and wedding thank you card wording to booking the perfect resort for your destination wedding, anything is possible with the right wedding planner on your side. We are committed to making meaningful memories for you and for all of your wedding guests. 

Connect with our team at Destify today for your dream destination wedding. 

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