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Feel like royalty at your Moon Palace Cancun wedding!

Feel like royalty at your Moon Palace Cancun wedding! Situated along the vibrant Cancun coastline, Moon Palace Cancun invites you to discover the two sides of the moon during your destination wedding: all-inclusive luxury and endless relaxation. With 2000 feet of beach along the Caribbean Sea, you have the opportunity to find a quiet place to relax, or that perfect spot for your wedding ceremony. From a traditional wedding in a chapel to fireworks and horse-drawn carriages, this resort does all that they can to make the wedding of your dreams come true!

$300 $405

Moon Palace Cancun Wedding

Date Availability





Moon Palace Cancun

Resort Information

Room price range:

$300 $405
$300 $405

Every suite includes free restocked minibars, liquor dispensers, double whirlpool tubs, and free Wi-Fi. Guests who desire a more lavish resort stay will enjoy upgraded Grand Suites which feature spacious walk-in closets, Smart TVs, and even swim-up exits. Kids and teens 17 and under stay free.

Property size:

With hundreds of rooms, Large Resorts offer vacationers a sweeping landscape of activities, amenities, and space to enjoy their vacations at their own individual pace. An excellent option for a diverse destination wedding guest list with friends and families from all walks of life.


Family Friendly

Resort aesthetic:

Ceremony Types:

Activity level:

Perfect for the non-stop partiers and thrill-seekers. These resorts offer engaging activities every day, such as live musical performances, cooking classes, on-site waterparks, and nighttime entertainment.

Room occupancy:


All rooms allow up to 2 adults and 2 children max. The Family Connections Luxury Suite is only available to families traveling with children and will allow up to 6 guests max between 4 adults max and 5 children max. All rooms will allow a maximum of 1 infant (ages 0-3) to stay in the same room with 4 guests. There are adults-only rooms available with 2 adults max. Children are ages 4 – 17.

Weddings Per Day:


The resort will host no more than 4 weddings per day Monday thru Saturday. Moon Palace Cancun weddings can be held any time between 11am – 6pm, and no weddings will be held at the same time or same venue.

Distance to airport:

10 min.
Moon Palace Cancun is 10 minutes

The resort is located 7 miles from Cancun International Airport (CUN). The resort is 45 minutes outside of downtown Cancun.

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Wedding Date Availability



Moon Palace Cancun

Wedding Packages

Hilton Tulum devotion wedding package with a newlywed couple sitting down and a flower bouquet
  • Services of the onsite wedding coordinator.
  • Ceremony location.
  • Minister to perform symbolic ceremony.
  • Ceremony setup and decor.
  • 30 white avant-garde chairs.
  • Audio system for the ceremony.
  • Sparkling wine for the ceremony.
  • Semi-private dinner for up to 30 guests.
  • Tailoring your ceremony.
  • Booking hair & make-up for the day.
  • Hiring the services of a photographer and/or videographer.
  • Choosing a private reception venue.
  • Selecting reception add-ons.

Your Path to

Step 1

Discover Your Dream Destination Venue

Choose from beautiful locations and resorts to determine the best place to host your wedding.

Step 2

Confirm Wedding and Room Reservation

We’ll verify and confirm your wedding date is available and introduce you to your on-site wedding team.

Step 3

Meet Your Support Team

With Destify you’ll have support every step of the way, they’ll coordinate your board and travel and all of your guests as well.

Step 4

Explore Your Wedding Tools

With our wedding tools, you’ll have a custom website, RSVP tracker, guest reservation details and so much more.

Step 5

Finalize Wedding Details

Now it’s time to start planning your wedding! It’s easy to confirm your wedding decor, final payments, and everything in between all in one place.

Step 6

Prepare for Travel

Input your final flight information and your Destify concierge team will assist you and your guests in a stress-free travel experience, available 24/7.

Step 7

Say I Do!

Say I do! You’ll meet with your wedding team on-site 2-3 days prior to your wedding and we’ll be ready to assist travel home after you enjoy your destination wedding.

Wedding Resort Summary

🏩 Wedding Property sizeLarge
🏄 Wedding Activity levelHigh
💍 Weddings Per Day4
🛬 Wedding Distance to airport10 min.

Moon Palace Cancun Wedding

Date Availability





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