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Jason and Priya’s Wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace

Friday June 28, 2019

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The Couple

Jason and Priya met through mutual friends at a gathering in Westchester, New York. After hearing Priya share some of her story amongst friends, it left quite an impression on him. 4 years later, Priya reached out to Jason through Facebook’s suggested friend recommendations, and before they knew it they were hanging out late together, and it didn’t take long to officially become a couple.

Jason said, “I knew very early on that Priya was going to be the woman I spent the rest of my life with”. In August 2015, they went on a family vacation together to Mexico. Priya’s sister was able to bring the ring on the trip, so that way Priya wouldn’t have the surprise spoiled. While on a tour of the hills of Huatulco, Jason found the perfect opportunity to propose in front of a waterfall. After a cue from their guide, who began filming the proposal, he got down on one knee and asked the big question.

The Planning

Originally the couple worked with a local planner in New York, who suggested a destination wedding. The couple fell in love with the Barcelo Maya Grand resort after a scouting trip to Riviera Maya. They loved the atmosphere and the welcoming wedding department. Steffani, with Destify, took over the rest of the planning process, booking the room and travel accommodations for many of the wedding guests. The planning process was difficult at times. The responsiveness was sometimes slow, including communication with the outside vendors who assembled much of the decor and add-ons for the events.

The Wedding

Jason and Priya’s wedding featured multiple events across the duration of their stay. The couple said, “Our favorite moment was our entrances to the Hindu ceremony and reception”. Jason came in a beautiful white horse, and Priya was brought in on a Dholi by her cousins. They utilized Latin Asia to decorate the wedding gazebo for their ceremony and loved the results.

For the reception, they entered with ‘Paradise City’ by Gun’s N Roses playing in the background. The private reception featured delicious food, and dancing and music, at the Morgan Grill.

Looking Back

The couples’ main advice is to take any help along the way, especially if family members want to provide any. It makes it a less stressful process for everyone. Have fun with the process, and research DIY decor items along the way.

Arturo Guadarrama with Novia Mia Photography
Wedding Planner: Abraham Amezquita and the Wedding Coordinator: Ivette Riquelme
Claudia Oyarzabal with Latin Asia Decor
Flowers: Juan Carlos Castillo

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Barcelo Maya Palace

A Barcelo Maya Palace wedding can take place on a gorgeous stretch of white sandy beach, located along the Yucatan Peninsula in the beautiful Riviera Maya.
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Jason and Priya Wedding

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