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Ernie and Selena’s Wedding at The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences

Wednesday June 12, 2019

The Couple

Ernie and Selena met on OK Cupid, the dating app, and it turned out they had many mutual friends in common. On a snowboarding trip to Big Bear, California Ernie had secretly invited her entire family too, who were staying in another cabin. He proposed to her on top of the mountain, and when they got back to the cabin her family was there to surprise her and to celebrate.

The Planning

The couple loved their original agent but had to switch to a different travel agent in the middle of their planning. There were some hiccups in the planning, and some communication errors, for both the couple and their guests. However, working with the wedding department was simple and easy, and decor planning was based on multiple-choice selections and allowed for customization when necessary. Ernie said, “The resort was great at handling our questions and needs”.

The Wedding

The couple chose to get married at The Fives Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The couple liked the resort because of its beachfront and the vacation-feel the resort provided. Over the course of one beautiful day, they held a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. They exchanged vows on the beach and took photos afterward while guests enjoyed appetizers and cocktails before everyone gathered again at the reception for delicious food and music.

Looking Back

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and the couple agreed that it makes more sense to use your savings on setting up your future, and not to blow your savings one 1 day. That’s why a destination wedding proved to be a perfect choice. Do your research on your ceremony venue, especially to make sure it’s as private as you would like since some venues are public and may feature have unwanted guests.

The best part was having both sets of friends and families showing up and being on vacation with us.

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The Fives beachfront luxury all-inclusive resort offers everything from gorgeous beaches to vibrant gardens, along with the perfect accommodations to make for a wonderful destination wedding.
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Ernie and Selena Wedding

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