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Brittany and Scott’s Wedding at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

Friday June 21, 2019

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The Couple

Brittany and Scott had known each other their whole lives and were childhood friends. She moved back at the age of 24 after a stint in Dallas, and the weekend she returned she met Scott’s cousin for drinks. Scott was all grown up now, and they quickly began dating. One of Brittany’s best friends now lives in Virginia, and they met up with her during a special trip. Unknowingly Scott had shipped a special ring to her, made from his grandma’s original wedding ring, and he proposed during a hike to the great falls on the Potomac River.

The Planning

After pricing out a local wedding in Oklahoma, they knew that it would be too costly, and the guest list would end up being large also. The couple wanted an intimate wedding with the most important people in their lives, so they began planning a destination wedding. The couple knew they didn’t want a traditional wedding, so a destination wedding would be the perfect way for their wedding to be different.

With their Destify agent, Jasmine, they chose the Sandos Caracol Eco-resort. Both Brittany and Scott are animal lovers and they resort spoke to them, plus once they saw the affordable prices it was a huge bonus. Brittany said, “It just felt right”. Working with Jasmine was like hitting the easy button, and she handled all of the travel arrangements with grace.

They invited everyone they would at home, but the destination wedding allowed for more leniency, and guests could choose to come if they’d like without the pressure. Working with the wedding department was a breeze too. The couple chose the Emerald Breeze package, however, they wanted the Cenote de la Tortuga on-site, which the resort didn’t typically use for weddings. The resort happily accommodated though, and they planned for their ceremony to be there, and their reception to be on the rooftop terrace.

The Wedding

Once on-site the couple and their guests took plenty of time to enjoy the resort. Since a couple of members of the bridal party arrived late due to travel delays, everyone met on the morning of the wedding to go through a brief ceremony rehearsal. After, Brittany and some of her guests got ready at the resort’s salon. For their first look, Brittany surprised Scott by playing the ukelele while a photographer captured it all. That wasn’t the only surprise the couple had for their wedding. During their ceremony on the cenote, the couple decided after the first kiss to jump into the cenote, surprising everyone including the photographers, and many in the bridal party jumped in after them.

Due to the travel delays from the night before, Brittany hadn’t worn her dinner rehearsal dress, so she wore that to the reception since her bridal dress was now soaked. The rest of the night was filled with fun and celebrations on the rooftop terrace for their reception, including delicious food and dancing. The last surprise was a series of cold fireworks that went off delighting all of the guests. Everyone was having so much fun, that in fact, many of the guests continued the party after, at the resort’s bar below the rooftop terrace. When the couple finally returned to their room the suite was gorgeously decorated with rose petals and champagne.

Looking Back

Brittany’s advice is to let the little things go, something may always shift in your plans, so it’s best to let it roll off your shoulders as it may come. The most important thing is to enjoy the moment and your celebrations.

My maid of honor said to take it all in, enjoy this moment, and that was the best advice.

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Aerial photo of the resort and the beach at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

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Brittany and Scott Wedding

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