You’re about to board a plane to fly to your dream destination vacation. They’ve called your boarding number and everyone is about to queue up when the thought occurs: am I truly safe traveling during this pandemic? If you’re feeling these stressors, remember you’re not alone, as your trustworthy travel agent is just a phone call away.

Garnering years of expertise and advice, your agent is perhaps the most important asset to guaranteeing a smooth transition into COVID-19 travel, for the foreseeable future. So, let’s review some of the reasons why you need a travel agent more than ever during trips under the new normal:

Prepare You For The Travel Experience

It’s a pretty hectic time to travel. There’s no denying that there’ll be anxieties attached to the collective experience: stressful planning conversations, navigating populated airports, new in-flight etiquette, and the mysteriousness of whether or not you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation. As chaotic as that sounds, a travel agent will take your concerns and turn them into progressive coordination.

With a bevy of resources at their fingertips, travel agents will guide you toward’s your airline’s new procedures, and new protocols ranging from no-touch check-ins to safety measures taken by various resort chains. Most importantly, they are continuously adapting to the new era of COVID-19 travel, seeking ways to guarantee a smoother and safer experience.

Hold Your Hand

There’s an inherent sense of fear that comes with traveling during this time. Aside from securing stellar resort and flight rates, your travel agent will provide you with exceptional advice to calm the tides of any travel-related anxiety. Once you’re on your tropical getaway, it’s important to remember that your travel agent doesn’t poof into thin air. Throughout the planning process and into your vacation, your agent will be available to you to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Help You Navigate New Travel Rules

Despite the new norms slowly easing into everyday travel, issues such as cancellations, insurance, and refund policies are, unsurprisingly, more prevalent than ever. As frustrating as these processes can be, such situations can be easily remedied by on-call agents. Travel agents are policy experts extensively trained to recognize and field these potential problems. While the concept of encountering the dreaded cancellation process can be unattractive, punctual assistance is easily accessible and poised to make the tedious side of travel more manageable.

Leverage Insider Contacts to Help You Have A Smoother Trip

Simply put, travel agents have contacts with your chosen brand and resort. From hotel managers and concierges to chain executives and coordinators, your agent possesses an extensive Rolodex of essential contacts. No matter which issue you might encounter with your resort, you can take a deep breath and trust your travel agent to solve your problems via direct communication with the appropriate personnel. With longtime connections with resort staff and leadership, travel agents can not only alleviate the scenario but also potentially score you a room upgrade or other benefits.

Go the Extra Mile to Get You Home

In this post-pandemic travel universe, you shouldn’t be worried about making it back home. If you’re reading this while at a gorgeous beach or currently planning to travel to your golden sand paradise, let those post-vacation travel anxieties drift away with the breeze. Due to recent progress in communication between hotel chains and travel agencies, you’ll be comforted to know that your status and location can be shared with loved ones or your office in order to guarantee your safe voyage home. Additionally, your travel agent will ensure that you receive complimentary, trusted transportation to and from the airport.

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