Jaryse and Teo’s Wedding at Grand Princess Sunset

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Jaryse and Teo’s Wedding at Grand Princess Sunset's wedding

The Couple

Jaryse and Teo met on the health campus of their college, Teo is nearing graduation and Jaryse is still in medical school. Both are students of cancer research and lovingly joke that it is was, “love at first cancer-cure research convention.” Teo proposed in a most memorable way. Jaryse and her family love the classic movie Princess Bride, and they often quote parts of the movie. Once Teo knew how important the movie was to them, he enlisted her family and friends to enact a scavenger hunt across their town, which eventually ended in them reenacting an iconic scene where he proposed to her.

The Planning

The pair were very busy with school, during the planning process, and they appreciated how easy it was to coordinate with their Destify agent Candyce. They decided on a destination wedding because it was a dream of theirs to get married on a beach. All in all, they hosted three wedding events. Candyce helped them select the Grand Sunset Princess resort in Riviera Maya, part of the multi-resort Princess complex, where they held their ceremony. Afterward, they hosted two receptions, including one in Teo’s hometown in Mexico and another in Albuquerque for all of their stateside family and friends.

It turned out planning a destination wedding was the right choice as Jaryse was also busy with school exams. Jaryse said, “It was really nice because there wasn’t a ton of planning for the wedding, the resort had packages and various decor choices.” The resort was perfect for their guests, it included a Kid’s Club for the families who attended the wedding, and there was an on-site casino for the adults.

The Wedding

They arrived 3 days before the wedding and met with their coordinator to cover any last minute planning. The rest of their family arrived 2 days before the ceremony. They chose to go with a beach setup that included a platform and white tent that covered their guests during the proceedings. The couple spent time with their families separately before the wedding, so that the couple wouldn’t see each other until the ceremony began.

After the 3 o’clock ceremony they took photos and the resort coordinated a semi-private dinner reception. Their family and friends stayed a total of 5 days and the couple stayed a total of 8 days, making for a mini-honeymoon afterward. Everyone got a wonderful and full vacation thanks to the destination wedding. The couple chose a Platinum Suite which included extra perks, including a private beach area and lounge, and room service. As part of their wedding package, they also received a couples’ massage and some gifts from the hotel.

Looking Back

Jaryse and Teo agree that their destination wedding was everything they had hoped for and was a great way to enjoy quality time with their closest loved ones. Some great advice from Jaryse is to do some research on your vendor options. Instead of purchasing the resort’s photography option they paid an outside vendor fee and booked their own local photographer Roc’n Love, where they got extra value for their money and hours more footage of photos and video.

We both thought that’s kind of our dream wedding, so we went for it.

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