Andrea and Aaron’s Wedding at NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

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Andrea and Aaron’s Wedding at NOW Jade Riviera Cancun's wedding

The Couple

Andrea and Aaron’s sister, Hannah, were roommates in college, and that’s how the couple met. Aaron was visiting her and was introduced to Andrea. After some years of dating, Aaron proposed to Andrea in Rosemont, before they went to see the Transiberian Orchestra.

The Planning

The couple were on vacation a year prior to their wedding and stayed at the NOW Jade Riviera Cancun resort. There, they actually met their future Destify Agent, also named Andrea, at the pool. The couple said, “The resort was great, and known for weddings.” They loved that the resort was family-friendly, and could accommodate everyone in the wedding party for whatever they desired. Planning was easy with the wedding department, and the couple simply chose from menus of decor and extras for their wedding ceremony.

The Wedding

Before the wedding, the couple took full advantage of their wedding inclusions. They hosted a welcome party on the night of most of the guests’ arrival, and they also held a dinner rehearsal before the ceremony. The couple loved that all of their guests attended the dinner rehearsal, regardless of if they were in the wedding or not.

The couple held their ceremony at 4:30pm, at NOW Jade’s beautiful Pergola, with views of the ocean. After, the couple took photos along the beach, before meeting everyone at the reception. Andrea said, “We would not be able to get those kinds of pictures anywhere else.” The destination wedding proved to be the best way to spend days with their closest family and friends.

Looking Back

Andrea’s advice is to not take it personally if certain family members or friends can’t come, as it’s hard for some people to swing the cost of a vacation. She also recommends planning to stay an extra couple days just for you, so you’ll get some much deserved alone time after your wedding as newlyweds.

The wedding goes by so fast, so it was so nice to have the extra days to relax with your guests.

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