We’re all itching to travel, and we’re expecting our top destinations to begin reopening in July. The prospect of getting out of our quarantine cocoons and hopping on a plane to the nearest beach sounds divine. But with everything we know about COVID-19, there will be a new set of safety measures for future travel, and we’re seeing many facts and myths passed along in the news.

However, it’s important to realize that as a majority of our favorite destinations have been on lockdown, resort groups and their luxury properties have perfected safety guidelines that will keep you and your guests safe. Additionally, air travel is actually quite accessible and less risky with the inclusion of mindful practices. Don’t let irrational myths get the best of you, and read through our succinct list of COVID Travel Myths vs. Facts:

Myth #1: You’ll get infected if you travel.

Fact #1

That’s a valid fear. Flights are still possible if you practice and maintain proper safety precautions. Traveling is high-risk but you can expect greater ease in travel, as restrictions reopen and new safety measures are put in place. Here are a few things you can do to travel safely:
Wear a face mask
Practice social distancing before, during, and after TSA
Wear rubber gloves
Wash your hands immediately after getting through TSA

Myth #2: It’s impossible to travel anywhere exciting now.

Fact #2

Think of this absence of international travel as a huge reset button that’ll allow your favorite vacation spots to prepare and modify their resort’s hygiene standards. While it seems hard to wait a few more months until we can travel again, your patience will be rewarded quite handsomely. As we approach July, a significant number of our partnered resorts will be opening their gates and resuming their impeccable service. In the meantime, now is the perfect time to start planning and booking your fall, winter, and spring 2021 trips!

Myth #3: Resorts will most certainly be hotbeds for germs.

Fact #3

The concept of interacting with strangers during this pandemic seems scary enough as it is. But networking while confined to resort grounds shared by a plethora of other travelers? Worry not. Since closing their doors in March 2020, high-end resorts around the world have begun to revolutionize the way they approach safe stays. Let’s look into a few of these valuable safety measures that resorts will enforce as they reopen:
Antibacterial gels dispensary stations in all high traffic areas and in guest suites
Immediate disinfection of guest luggage upon arrival prior to delivering to the guests’ suites
Limiting guest queues and guest traffic to observe the highest standards and guidelines of distance and space
High traffic areas (such as reception) disinfected twice each hour, at a minimum, or as needed
Sanitizing and sealing in-suite amenities (remote controls, glasses, etc.)
Rigorous food & beverage protocols
Associate training and strict disinfection protocols upon arrival and prior to team-members starting their workday
Strict regulation, monitoring and limited access for local deliveries. All local partners are subject to the same guidelines set for resort associates
24-hour medical teams, including physicians, on-call and on-property

From disinfecting facilities to accepting a limited number of guests, destination properties are poised to deliver a truly safe retreat with all of the same elegant amenities. In fact, here are some of the lavish resorts that’ll be opening up soon:
RIU Palace Punta Cana
Grand Palladium Jamaica
Dreams Las Mareas
Royalton Antigua
Hard Rock Vallarta

Myth #4: All resorts will be booked by the time resorts open up.

Fact #4

While there will be a spike in traveling once more resorts relax restrictions and welcome more travelers, there will be plenty of opportunities to book a trip to your favorite destination. It’s important to realize that there are a plethora of options to choose from while researching destination group travel.

While there may inevitably be some difficulty deciding when you personally feel safe enough to travel, tropical properties will continue to operate and even offer suites for next year’s season. If you and your group members aren’t able to visit the previously agreed upon location, you can shift your focus onto 2021 and secure potentially better rates with more vacancy.

Myth #5: If I do get sick, I’ll be stranded and unable to get adequate care.

Fact #5

If you get sick on vacation, don’t panic. Due to the prime location of many resorts, hospitals, on-site nurses, and an assortment of health clinics are always accessible. If you do start to feel symptoms, remember that you can still receive adequate care from highly trained medical professionals no matter where you vacation.

In fact, a selection of countries abroad has discovered progressive methods to both diagnose and treat any potential illnesses. Please keep in mind: getting sick while on vacation, while one of the least enjoyable experiences, doesn’t mean you can’t get treated. Purchase traveler’s health insurance beforehand to guarantee the best medical care no matter where you vacation.

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