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Royalton Spotlight: Destination Wedding Details

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Today we’ve got a very special video update, as part of our FREE Destination Wedding Contest, and our partnership with Royalton Luxury Resorts. The winning couple will receive a grand prize of a beautiful wedding ceremony and stay in any Royalton resort, from Mexico to Jamaica. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the amazing prizes they’ll be winning.

In today’s video, one of our Wedding Experts Hilary has a chat with Charlyne, a Senior Destination Marketing and Wedding Consultant for Royalton Luxury Resorts. She’s got some exciting news, and some great advice for future Royalton Couples! Hit the play button below to gain some helpful tips, like insights on the many beautiful ceremony venues Royalton offers, to the first look at their new South Asian and Indian wedding packages.