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Wary about planning a post-pandemic tropical retreat at a luxury resort where social interaction with other guests is inevitable? Let those troubles sail away with our Resort Density Guide. Within our latest resource, we showcase five resorts that are leading the pack in updated safety regulations and post-COVID management. Situated on sprawling stretches of prime real estate, these five-star properties encourage social distancing, complete with optimally spaced common areas and suites.

Through our new guide, you’ll get the latest scoop on resort health protocols via accurate hotel specs detailing the placement of each property’s facilities, infinity pools, and beaches. A scouting report teeming with information ranging from villa spacing to restaurant access, the Resort Density Guide will put those anxieties at ease as you visualize your dream group vacation.

Curious about the structural advantages that the resorts on our list share? Follow the button below and discover our Resort Density Guide: