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How to Write Wedding Vows for Your Destination Wedding

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Every step of your destination wedding planning journey can be a stressful one. But when it comes to knowing how to write wedding vows, you can certainly feel an immense amount of pressure. 

Writing the perfect wedding vows does not have to be one more stressor for your wedding planning process. This article will discuss some of the tools you can use to help you write the perfect vows, as well as how you can draw inspiration from traditional wedding vows and what steps you can take to make your wedding vows as sincere and earnest as can be.  

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Writing Vows

If this is your first time getting married, it is likely that you do not know how to write wedding vows yet. The process can certainly feel intimidating, especially as you are starting out. Luckily, there are plenty of tools at your disposal when it comes to writing memorable and personalized vows to share in front of your closest friends and family. 

Work With A Professional

There are professional writers who specialize in writing vows for weddings. Consider talking to one of these professionals to get a few ideas on how to start. 

Even if you don’t want a vow writer to do all of the work for you, a writer can help you edit or even help you find your talking points. If you need help organizing your thoughts or finding a good starting point, look for a vow writer to help you out. 

Get Inspired

Think about the most meaningful wedding traditions and vows that you have heard or witnessed throughout your life. You can always be inspired by the love you see in the world. When you write your vows, try to incorporate elements of love stories and marriages that mean the most to you. 

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Traditional Wedding Vows 

Many cultures and religions have customary wedding vows that can be used for a traditional wedding. These vows are traditional for a reason! They are heartfelt and can help you discover how to write wedding vows if you cannot find the right words and are struggling to put your feelings onto paper. 

Here are a few traditions or considerations that might inspire you as you begin writing vows yourself: 

Hindu Wedding Vows

In Hindu weddings, the exchange of vows is known as “The Seven Steps”, or saptapadi. Together, the couple steps forward and recites what these seven steps will symbolize in their new marriage. 

The first step, for example, is taken for healthy food living. The fourth step is taken for harmony, love, and trust in their relationship. These vows are a beautiful way to look to the future together with an agreement to nourish the relationship, the home, and the family. 

Inter-Faith Vows

Inter-faith weddings, which are a union of people from two different cultures or religions, can look a lot of different ways. 

There is no single way to write vows for an inter-faith ceremony. Typically, though, there will be elements from both religions woven together. Vows will usually contain classic and traditional promises like care and commitment in sickness and in health, as well as love and honor until death do us part. 

Non-Denominational Vows

Non-denominational vows are vows that do not adhere to any specific culture or religion. These vows often center around complete and realized unity, and may even include the act of tying a fisherman’s knot, which becomes stronger under pressure. Non-denominational vows include commitments of equality, trust, and growth together. 

Personalized Vows

If you are looking to forgo the traditional wedding vows and write something that is entirely your own, you can do it! There is no wrong way to write your vows, but sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start. Here are some tips on how to write wedding vows that are entirely your own: 

Start Early

Do not expect to have a perfect set of vows after just the first draft. This process takes time, so make sure you don’t leave anything to the last minute! Think through all of the most important elements of your love and your relationship, and what you want to say in those brief couple of minutes. 

Try making a list of the most important points you want to bring up in your vows. This can make it a lot easier to organize and fill in the gaps as you write, instead of just going off of the top of your head. 

Share Your Vows

Don’t be afraid to share your vows with other people! Talk to your friends and family and get their opinions. They will be able to tell you if your writing sounds natural and can even offer you helpful feedback about how to tweak the wording of some of your sentences. The people who love you most want you to succeed, so they will be sure to offer you some excellent feedback. 

Speak To The Relationship 

Try to match the tone of your vows to that of your relationship. Think about what makes the two of you so special together. Do you two thrive on humor, romance, or something else? Be inspired by the person you love and how they make your life better. 

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Making The Day Perfect

As you walk along the path to your “I Do”s, there is no doubt that a lot of effort and time will go into making your wedding vows the best that they can be. But with so many other important wedding details to finalize, it can be stressful and even difficult to find time for your personalized vows. That’s why at Destify, we are here to help. 

At Destify, we create meaningful memories for you and your future spouse, plus your entire gathering of friends and family. Our team of expert wedding planners will help you curate the perfect destination wedding, from the resort, to excursions, to the reception dinner. You can focus on how to write wedding vows that no one will forget, and you can leave the rest to us. 

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