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How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress

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It’s that time of the year again. “Nearlyweds” everywhere are planning and preparing tirelessly for the best day of their lives (no, not the premiere of the next Marvel movie). Whether you’re tying the knot at a Mexico paradise or cross-country haven, you need a way to transport that lovely wedding dress of yours. You spent half a day with your wedding party finding the perfect threads, make it worth it with our essential tips:

1. Contact your Airline

how to travel with your beautiful wedding dress airline destination weddings

Because every airline is different, phone the one you’ll be flying with to discover how they handle large-but-delicate things like wedding gowns. While they won’t be able to give any assurances, you’ll at least get more information about what to expect when you board the plane.

2. Pack Your Dress in a Garment Bag

how to travel with your beautiful wedding dress garment bag destination weddings

Packing your wedding dress neatly into a garment bag isn’t always an intuitive option. Due to most wedding dresses including trains and lots of fabric, sometimes garment bags do more harm than good. However, we have the solution. Here’s how to correctly pack your wedding gown so that it doesn’t become wrinkled during the trip:

Thread the gown’s hanger through the top of the garment bag and hang it up high, so you can work with it.

Tuck the left and right sides of the gown into each other toward the center.

After that, wrap up the bottom of the train until the cloth is contained within the garment bag. It’s time to zip it up gently once you’re inside.

3. Trust an Overhead Bin

how to travel with your beautiful wedding dress overhead bin airline destination weddings

Alternatively, your garment bag may need to be stored in an overhead compartment. If that’s the case, you’ll need to fold or roll the garment bag, depending on how much room you have. If you need to roll it, start at the hanger and work your way down. Another alternative for overhead compartments is laying the dress flat on top of other people’ luggage, which, again, depends on space and luggage size.

4. Doublecheck Requirements

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Nobody wants their wedding gown to be snatched up and tossed into checked luggage, where who knows what can happen to it. It’s critical to double-check that you’ll be able to transport your wedding gown as a carry-on. Additionally, double-check your airline’s weight and size restrictions to avoid a potential disaster at the gate.

5. Reserve a Seat for Your Wedding Dress

how to travel with your beautiful wedding dress hard rock punta cana destination weddings

A separate ticket for your wedding gown is one way to get it on a plane. If you have extra cash and want to be extra cautious, book your dress on a one-way flight to your wedding location. That way, it will never leave your sight. If your gown has its own ticket, it also qualifies for a carry-on. As crazy as it sounds, most airlines allow this, making petticoat and cathedral-length veils easily transportable too.

6. See If There Are Any Open Seats for Your Dress

how to travel with your beautiful wedding dress cenote bridal party destination weddings

For those who don’t want to buy their wedding dress a seat, ask the crew if you can use an open seat for storage. Most likely, someone will be willing to trade seats with you so you may sit close to the dress. Or as you board the plane, a helpful flight attendant will assist you in moving about to make it work.
We all want the same thing: a clean, intact wedding dress at the end of your travel day. While we wish you could press a magic button to transport it to your all-inclusive destination, these 6 steps are the next best thing. Let’s review before we send you on your merry way. When it comes to traveling with your wedding dress:

Contact your airline for guidelines and suggestions

Garment bags are unsung heroes

Trust an overhead bin

Doublecheck requirements

Reserve a seat for your wedding dress

If there’s an open seat, take it

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