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We have recently launched our FREE Destination Wedding Contest, in partnership with Royalton Luxury Resorts. The winning couple is going to have it all, with an unforgettable wedding ceremony and all the bells and whistles included, from a private reception to a group excursion for the entire wedding party!

All you have to do to enter is submit a short video, no longer than five minutes, answering these 3 questions:

What is your story?
What excites you most about a destination wedding?
What would it mean to you if you won?

It’s as simple as that and takes just a few minutes to record. Grab your phone and make that winning entry!

Plus, the earlier you enter, the greater your chances of winning! Once you’ve been accepted into the contest we’ll upload your video to the official Submission Channel and publish it to our contest page. Then you can share your video on social media too. The longer your video is up before the October 31st deadline, the greater your chances of receiving likes and views. Some of the best videos will even be featured in our official Destify Vlog Episodes, further increasing your odds. At the end of the contest, we’ll announce the Top 30 Finalists before they’re reviewed by our esteemed panel of judges. But more on that later!

In summary, upload your video now so your story can be heard sooner. You’ll get more views and shares and increase your chances to make it to the Top 30!

Good luck! Enter by following the button below: